Projects for Alleuze

Birth of an Idea

Between Vault and River

In our House


A plan of installation

The classified site of Alleuze is the subject of a plan for a total installation, worked out by the Municipality in 1996, then continued by the "Syndicat Mixte Garabit-Granval".

A landscape study was carried out in 1996, bearing on an analysis of the site and leading to a landscape diagram, to start with a first phase relating to the village of the Barge. The Municipality of Alleuze validated these proposals in 1997 and launched in 1998 the first works to La Barge. A summary of the part "Analysis of the Site"of this landscape study may be consulted in the three pages composing the heading Like an eagle: analysis of the site of Alleuze.

Dessin du Château d'Alleuze, par Alain Freytet.
Drawing of the Castle of Alleuze, by Alain Freytet.

The Banks of the River and the House of the Site

In 1997, the advisability of acquiring a house located in La Barge had given birth to the idea of a House of the Site, like an introduction to the visit and like a starting point of the pedestrian access point. But the site was not appropriate, mainly for reasons of parking. Gradually, two tracks got clear.

Alain Freytet, landscape designer, and Guy Brun, museographer, thus proposed two preliminary drafts, one bearing on installation of the collar and the Saint-Illide Vault and on the installation of the river banks, the other on the installation of the House of Alleuze. The two studies are connected obviously, in a preoccupation of a total coherence.


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