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To the Saint-Flour area

Coming from motorway A 75, which links Clermont-Ferrand with Montpellier, you take exit 28 or exit 29, signposted Saint-Flour. You will find Saint-Flour is divided into two parts, the lower and the higher cities. Once you are in the lower city, at the main round-about you take the avenue towards the higher part, but at the beginning of the slope, you turn left : you can take the first road, going to Alleuze by Cousergues or the second one, by Villedieu.

Visiting the site

The Castle has been built on the top of a hill, which in turn is located in a valley : so your first view will be from the plateau. The best way is probably to come along the road crossing Cousergues, Grizols, Bessols and Le Barry : you can stop between Le Barry et La Barge to admire the valley.

The Castle seen from the plateau. Photo : Marc Duval, February 1999.
The Castle seen from the plateau. Photo by Marc Duval.

Then you can go to La Barge and its Calvary, from where, once again, you will look down upon the valley...


About this, you can consult :

- the page headed People of Alleuze : 1 - Villages of Alleuze. Description of the geography of the Municipality, of the panorama from the Church, photograph of the Church of La Barge and of the Calvary.

- the pages headed Like an Eagle devoted to the landscape proposals for the site by Alain Freytet.

- the pages devoted to the history of the Castle of Alleuze; please note that the first one contains a photograph of the Castle seen from the Calvary of La Barge.


Map of the Municipality of Alleuze


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